BREAKING NEWS: Bandit shot dead by businessman after ambush


By Leroy Smith

A man in now injured while a bandit has been shot dead. The bandit was shot by a businessman in the Bel-Air community early Sunday morning.

According to the details reaching the News Room, the businessman and two of his friends were at a movie Saturday night. After the movies, they stopped on Sheriff Street to purchase hot dogs and then proceeded to Belair where they were ambushed by the men in a car, who blocked off the street.

The bandits began firing shots at the vehicle the businessman and his friends were in. According to reports, the businessman who was seated in the backseat of the vehicle, returned fire hitting one of the bandits, while the others re-entered the vehicle and escaped, leaving their dead associate on the ground.

When the police arrived at the scene they discovered that the bandit’s phone and the gun he used to shoot at the men were still at the location.The weapon was described as a point 32 pistol.

Meanwhile, during the exchange, the man who was driving the vehicle the businessman was in, also sustained a gunshot wound to his elbow.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

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