Children suffer ‘minor’ injuries in Highway incident


By Leroy Smith

The traffic Department in ‘A’ Division is investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway earlier today, which resulted in the injury of four children.

The News Room has been informed that the cream coloured Sienta motorcar PSS 7468 was travelling West along the highway when it suffered a blowout.

The blowout caused the female driver to lose control of the vehicle which slammed into a stomp post at the side of the road causing the vehicle to bounce to the other side of the road, flipping in the process.

The children did not receive any life-threatening injuries but were transported to the Diamond Hospital where they were all seen by doctors there. Of the four children in the vehicle at the time, the female driver has been identified as the mother of three, while the fourth child is her niece.

When the News Room visited the Highway this afternoon, the female driver who did not want to speak about the incident was providing the police with information regarding what transpired.

A look at the vehicle suggested that both of the rare wheels blew out, which caused the incident and the other upon impact.

Fortunately, no other vehicles were in close proximity to where the incident took place.

The windows of the vehicle were shattered and the top of the car has indentations.

The vehicle is totalled.

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