UK wants action on Security recommendations


The U.K envoy in Guyana has expressed frustration working with Guyana on its security sector reform only to have recommendations shelved.

On Monday, British High Commissioner to Guyana, Greg Quinn said the United Kingdom is “funding the advisor here. We are not funding the advisor here to then produce a piece of paper which looks nice on a shelf.” There is currently a British Senior Security Sector Reform Advisor, Mr. Russell Combe who is currently serving as Advisor to President David Granger.

Quinn delivered remarks at a Risk and Liaison Overseas Network training for representatives of the Immigration Department where he noted that “implementation is important.”

He said, “lots of reviews have been done by the UK which is then not actually, for a variety of reasons, some having to do with resources are not being implemented, but I think it’s important that whatever the advisor comes up with this year we can actually start putting in place for implementation.”

Monday’s training is geared at boosting immigration surveillance and strengthening passports against fraudulent activities.

Quinn said an effective Immigration System is central to the security of the country and is also vital to addressing other issues.

The training will also see the local ranks being exposed to the experiences of some risks and even tricks that some persons seek to use when dealing with the UK immigration department.

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