Blairmont’s ‘Year of the Youths’ initiative receives massive support


The Blairmont Cricket Club has received meaningful contributions from Baksh Travel Service, Hand in Hand Insurance Company, Bel Air Farm Equipment and Machinery Supplies and New Building Society to help in fulfilling its mandate.

Blairmont CC president Shabeer Baksh collects NBS’ sponsorship

At the beginning of 2017, the executives branded it ‘The Year of the Youths’, and the first initiative is to ensure that all youth team players when playing are attired with proper cricket uniform.

Baksh Travel Service has donated 15 sets of uniform to the Blairmont Under-15 team, while Bel Air Farm Equipment and Machinery Supplies has donated 15 sets to the Blairmont Under-17 and Hand in Hand has covered the Under-19 team. New Building Society has played its part by giving an undisclosed amount of cash towards the project.

President of club, Shabeer Baksh, thanked all the sponsors for their investment in the club and assured that their contributions would be beneficial to the youths.

Hand in Hand Insurance is also onboard with the club

“The club will continue to engage its members this year in activities such as Easter, summer activities, Christmas camps, sports and educational field trips.  Although the club’s main focus is on maintaining and developing sports, the youths are targeted with topics relevant to society and their roles, example suicide, peer pressure, behavioural patterns, etc. There are 52 youngsters under the age of 17 currently in the club,” the club said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the club will be hosting its an annual awards ceremony on May 19, 2017, where not only its members are awarded, but outstanding members of society as well. Also the club is conscious of its social responsibility.

“In the past, we rendered assistance towards health care, schools, and unfortunate individuals. The club encourages youths to go to school and partake in its plans and events to help them be meaningfully occupied and at the same time benefiting themselves, the community, and country at large,” the club’s statement concluded.

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