Terminated Linden Town Clerk unsure of reason for revocation; claims Mayor Holland was disrespectful


By Stacy Carmichael-James

The services of Town Clerk of Linden, Jonellor Bowen were today terminated; however, Bowen was not given a reason for this action taken by the Ministry of Communities.

Commenting to the media on the termination Bowen explained that she journeyed to Georgetown to attend a conference being hosted by the Communities Ministry, and upon arrival, she was informed that there is a correspondence in her name.

According to her, after uplifting the envelope she was ushered into the office of the Permanent Secretary and after inquiring, the PS simply wished her well, advised that she can no longer be a part of the conference and asked that she comply with what is stated in the letter.

The letter, which was showed to media, does not give reasons for the termination, but Bowen said she is currently seeking the necessary advice on the way forward, noting that she would not speculate or come to a conclusion for her dismissal.

Bowen was present at Freedom House today, where according to the Opposition MP Juan Edghill she visited in search of that advice.

Bowen and Linden’s Mayor Carwyn Holland have been at odds with both sides claiming hostility from the other. Holland last year had told News Room that the Town Clerk was impeding progress at the Town Council.

Bowen while not stating definitively what she suspects may be the reason for her termination, recounted an incident with the Mayor which involved him using condescending language towards her and asking her to leave his office, after she refused to deal with an administrative matter involving a security guard.

Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland

Holland is accused of being abusive and disrespectful in his approach to Bowen and other females. Bowen claimed that several letters were written by five female councillors who complained that they were displeased with the belittling manner in which Holland spoke to them. Bowen said she had advised them on the steps they should take in terms of their complaints.

When questioned, Bowen did not rule out the possibility of legal action regarding the termination. The former Town Clerk said she was subject to a Commission of Inquiry and returned to duty only on March 1, therefore, the revocation letter came as a surprise.

She served in that capacity from 2012 to present.  The revocation letter was signed by Minister Ronald Bulkan.

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