Within 30 days completed draft National Energy Policy to be discussed publicly


By Mark Murray

Before mid-year Government is hoping to have a comprehensive National Energy Policy as the draft document moves into its second phase allowing for public consultations.

“Despite possessive considerable energy potential Guyana is currently heavily dependent on imports of fossil fuel for its energy needs,” said Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

As of December 2016, a National Energy Policy would have been completed as Government prepares to begin a public consultation on the document.

Minister Patterson confirmed this on Thursday (March 23, 2017) while delivering remarks at a renewable energy forum hosted by the Private Sector Commission.

“The second phase which we are about to commence is to involve stakeholder consultations towards the finalization of this National Energy Policy, within the next I would say 30 days or so. We would engage in organizations such as the Private Sector so that we could collectively craft a National Energy Policy,” added Minister Patterson.

The Public Infrastructure Minister is of the view that the document will move Guyana towards its aim of having 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2025.

According to him “the updated Policy seeks to develop a cohesive appropriate and the broad base Energy Policy to move Guyana from an economy that is inefficient in energy use and wholly dependent on imported market sensitive fossil fuels that are energy efficient to a low emission economy largely based on economically efficient in indigenous energy resources.”

The final document will be an updated version of the 1994 National Energy Policy of Guyana taking into account current national, regional and international commitments made by the Government of Guyana and its agencies up until 2016.

The present administration is hoping that its energy objectives could lead to changes in areas such as residential consumption, agriculture, transport, mining along with the industry and commerce, and tourism sectors.

Below is the link to the final draft National Energy Policy published February 20, 2017).

(http://www.mopi.gov.gy/files/Policy%20Documents/Draft_National_Energy_Policy_Feb_20_17.pdf )

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