Seejatan aiming to stay top of Group Two pile


By Avenash Ramzan

Reigning Group Two champion, Shan Seejatan, is conditioning his mind and machine to stay on top of his game when the National Race of Champions is staged on April 2 at the South Dakota Circuit.

He has won the local Group Two category two years on the trot, and staying on top of the pile is of paramount importance for the man powering car #275. Seejatan is currently racing a Honda Civic K20, and leading his team of mechanics is the experienced Brian Tenpow.

Shan Seejatan

“Right now we’re doing some maintenance work on the car and trying to get everything sorted out. It’s general stuff, because the car ran fairly good in November (at the last meet), but we haven’t driven it since so we’re hoping to go up (South Dakota) Sunday and get some practice and see what’s going on with it,” Seejatan told News Room Sport.

With back-to-back titles over the last two years, Seejatan is aware that the other drivers will be looking to up their game and displace him at the top. But what really is his plan to ensure his reign as champion continues?

“Well, that all depends on what happens on race day. You never know, it’s a race car, things can go wrong, parts can break, but I’m confident enough to think that I should be able to defend the championship,” Seejatan reckoned.

Following this weekend’s practice, Seejatan will get a better assessment of his Honda’s readiness for the Race of Champions, and he has already pinpointed a few drivers whom he feels will test him on race day.

“As long as everything goes good, yes I should be able to get the job done. They got a lot of guys out there who are pretty fast. We have Shiraz (Mohamad Roshandin), Chet (Singh) and Rameez (Mohamed), those guys are right up there,” Seejatan stated.

Seejatan started racing in 2007 with an AE82 and won several races in the Rookies category before later stepping up to Group Two with an AE92 Toyota Levin and now a Honda Civic. He is currently sponsored by Special Auto- The Filter Shop, Top Power Racing, Fullworks Motor Spares and Blue Spring Water. 

Meanwhile, the National Race of Champions is expected to attract a large group of drivers and riders, while spectator turnout is also expected to be massive. The day’s activities, set to get underway at 09:00h, will be coordinated by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club in partnership with a number of sponsors.  

They include Stag Beer, Exxon Mobil, Fly Jamaica, Seaboard Marine, Palm Court, Rohit Lumber Yard, Rohan Auto Sales, B.M Soat Auto Spares, Special Auto, National Hardware, Tony’s Auto Spares, Japarts, Carnival Casino, Caricom Auto Sales, S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies, Jialing, Choke Gas Station, E-Networks, Truck Masters and Prem’s Electrical. 

Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children under 12.

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