Construction worker dies in horrific smash-up


By Leroy Smith

The relatives of 29-year-old Simon Simpson Paul, a construction worker of Section ‘B’ Lot 13, Sideline Dam, Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara are still trying to come to grips with his sudden demise, following a midnight crash along the Soesdyke Linden highway.

The young man was at the time returning from Linden, where he travelled to visit some family members when the tragic incident took place.

Speaking with his mother, Rundall Paul late this afternoon (Sunday, March 26, 2017), she told the News Room that her son left home on Saturday morning (March 25, 2017) and was returning home, when he got into the accident.

She said that a relative first telephoned her on Sunday morning informing her of the incident, but did not confirm his death. It was only after traffic ranks showed up at her house to inform her of the crash, that she grilled them about his condition and they broke the news to her.

The woman said that her son’s death is a real blow to her and the entire family, as it was only recently that she buried her husband.

Paul was the driver of a vehicle belonging to a friend at the time of the accident.

According to Mrs. Paul, her son had a short stint as a nursing student and after that did not work out, he got into construction. She pointed the News Room to an unfinished sanitary block which the young man was in the process of building at home.

She said that they had a lot of plans to rebuild their home using his skills. The family is deeply religious since her now dead husband, served as a pastor while he was alive.

“He was very discipline, mannerly, true child of God not only shine his light at home but in everywhere he go from the biggest to the smallest he is always there in support and he is very jovial and respectable young man,” Mrs. Paul said of her now dead son.

When the News Room visited their home, the woman was being visited and consoled by relatives and friends who had gathered at the home.

The police investigations into the circumstances of the accident are ongoing.

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