Food and Drug Department monitoring imports from Brazil amidst meat scandal


Following allegations of Brazilian companies selling unsafe produce for years and the subsequent banning of these products by several countries, the Government Analyst-Food and Drug (GA-FDD) is on the lookout for the two delinquent companies.

The Department noted that it is in receipt of an official communication from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture via the Office of the Guyana mission to Brazil (Ambassador Talbot) on the circumstances surrounding “Operation Spoilt Meat”, where Inspectors were accused of taking bribes to certify and facilitate export document.

Information received confirmed that the finding of the Federal Police operation is restricted to two (2) major Brazilian meat packer/producers and they are FBR SA with trademarks –brands- such as Friboi, Swift and Ceara and BRF SA, with trademarks -brands- such as, Sadia and Perdigao who are implicated.

The spoilt meat were mainly used to process different types of sausages.

To ensure that the products do not get on the Guyana market, the Food and Drug Department has initiated the process of exacting closer regulatory oversight (verification) on several containers currently on the city’s wharfs with sausages.

All Importers of sausages and other meat products imported from Brazil are being asked to take the necessary precaution by removing and/or recalling any of the affected brands from the local market and to notify the Department of any shipment(s) that are destined to Guyana.

Port Health Officers are also asked to exercise greater caution with meat particularly sausages that are imported from Brazil.

The Department says it will continue to monitor the situation and would notify the general public and Importers of any additional information that may come to the Department’s attention.

Brazil is the world’s biggest red meat and poultry exporter, selling more than $12bn (£9.7bn) a year.

Some countries including China, Chile and Egypt had imposed a total ban on all meat products from Brazil. However, this ban was lifted on March 25, 2017, and became restricted to only companies under investigation.

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