PPP calls on Gov’t to reverse ban on used tyres


The ban on the importation of used tyres will take effect from April 01, 2017.

The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) is calling on the Government to reverse the decision immediately, and to review the ban on vehicles that are eight (8) years and older, as well as it will “deprive the ordinary working people of an opportunity to own a vehicle.”

The political party said it stands in solidarity with the hundreds of businessmen and thousands of ordinary Guyanese who “are being devastated by the unreasonable and unnecessary decision” to ban the importation of used tires.

According to the party, businesses engaged in the sale of used tires across the country are closing their operations, thereby, putting large numbers of persons out of employment and placing them and their families on the bread line.

It added that thousands of owners of vehicles cannot afford to buy new tires and are forced to resort to the purchase of used tires to keep their vehicles driving.

The Guyana Used Tyre Association, and the United Minibus Union last week asked the government to also reconsiders its decision. They are also calling for a proper consultation with the government on the issue before the ban takes effect.

During the Finance Minister’s 2017 National Budget presentation, he announced that there will be a restriction on the importation of used tyres for motor cars, vans, pickups, SUV’s, and mini-buses, with effect from April 1.

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