Additional events for Boyce/Jefford second Relay Festival


By Treiston Joseph

The second Boyce and Jefford Relay Festival is set for April 30 and the organisers have promised a better event than the first. At the launch on Thursday, Director of the Committee, Colin Boyce, noted that there will be a few new events, more so for the athletes.

“We added two new events to the relays, the 4×200 mixed relays and the 4×400 mixed relay as well… this (is) aimed at promoting healthy and fun competition with the athletes having a chance to receive cash incentives. Last year, $40,000 was awarded for each relay, now it is up to $50,000, but there will also be other events such as cricket and we believe that the Director of Sport will change our fortunes this year; also there will be dominoes, football and two cycling events, one hopefully for females,” Boyce mentioned.

Stag Beer Brand Manager, Linden Henry, meanwhile, shared the reason behind the major beverage company getting onboard with the event.

“The package is the reason why Stag Beer is onboard; we believe it’s an event catering for everyone and it just gives you that fun feel, with the relays and the football and where there is fun there is Stag Beer,” Henry mentioned. Events Manager of the New Palm Court, Sasha Lewis, believes that more events of such nature are needed in Guyana. 

“I think it’s a unique event and Palm Court will be there, we are happy to be a part of an event that is outdoor since we mostly do indoor events, but it’s good to have an event that is family-oriented that allows families to come out and do things together,” Lewis stated. Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, was also in attendance and highlighted that the event will help to foster social cohesion. 

“When the government came into power in 2015 it formed the Ministry of Social Cohesion and the name itself lends to the explanation of the Ministry and an event like this furthers the government’s thrust of supporting social cohesion and the National Sport Commission is proud to be associated with this event, as well as providing funding,” Jones stressed.  

The Boyce/Jefford Committee also highlighted that the top clubs in the country are scheduled to participate. The event will be held at the Police Sports Club ground, Eve Leary, on April 30 from 10:00h with all athletes, players and cyclists invited to be a part of the growing and much anticipated event.

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