C.L Financial looking to make amends with Guyana for US $40M debt to NIS


C.L Financial, the parent company of failed Clico Guyana is looking to renew relations and make amends with Guyana.  This position was conveyed Chairman of C.L Financial, Lawrence Duprey during a meeting with Finance Minister, Winston Jordan recently.

A statement from the Ministry of Finance says “during the meeting Mr. Duprey indicated to Minister Jordan that he would like to renew his relationship with Guyana as well as publicly apologise to its people for the collapse of CLICO Guyana.”

The CL Financial has also promised to try to make amends for the approximately US$40M debt owed mainly to the National Insurance Scheme.

“Duprey, the majority shareholder of CL Financial also informed Minister Jordan that his company is interested in investing in several areas here including providing solar energy at competitive prices, affordable housing, clay brick and solar for housing as well as introduce a financial model that will generate savings and alleviate poverty” the statement said.

Minister Jordan has informed Mr. Duprey that he will apprise Cabinet of their discussions.  He also advised Mr. Duprey that future engagements could be conducted on parallel tracks: discussion on recovering monies owed by CL Financial and investment in Guyana.

Both the Minister of Finance and Mr. Duprey and his team agreed to a follow up meeting. Meanwhile, the Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga will be consulted to determine the status of all outstanding matters relevant to CLICO Guyana.

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