Mayors & Deputies reminded that their constituents decide whether they stay in office


By Stacy Carmichael-James

The newly elected and re-elected Mayors and Deputy Mayors of Georgetown and the eight other towns were today sworn-in at State House by Head of State David Granger, who urged that they exercise authority within the context of transparency and accountability.

The Mayors and Deputies from the respective municipalities were reminded that inclusiveness is a vital part of the local authority system. The President reminded that they were elected by the people therefore they must be included before any final decision, that affects their lives is made.

Granger urged also that the views of all duly elected councilors are taken into consideration during the decision making process. The Guyanese Leader assured that Local Government Elections would be held come 2018 under his Government and reminded that their fate lies in the hands of their constituents.

“It therefore means that those of you, who are representatives of particular geographic areas or groups of people must go into those areas and work and if they are problems in those areas and your constituents do not see you and they do not see the benefit of your work in terms of drainage, in terms of solid waste management or whatever function they feel is necessary to perform, they in the final analysis have that four letter word (V.O.T.E),” President Granger said.

He noted that there are three levels of Government in Guyana; hence they all must work together for the betterment of the country.

The President listed the three characteristics of representativeness, inclusiveness and effectiveness that the Municipalities should possess.

The appointments of the nine mayors and nine deputy mayors will take effect from April 1. Patricia Chase-Green was reelected the Mayor of Georgetown while Lionel Hanoman-Jaikaran was elected the new Deputy Mayor.

Meanwhile, Paulette Henry was sworn-in as the sixth member of the Lands Commission of Inquiry, after she was “unavoidably absent” from the official ceremony.

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