Breaking News: Man, sweet woman arrested after wife disappeared for 7 months; Search on for shallow grave


Scores of villagers from the closely knitted community of Black Bush Polder on the Corentyne have flocked the street, as two pickups carrying police officers passed their homes along with a man who is believed to have killed his wife and buried her in a shallow grave, in the vicinity of their Mibicuri, North Black Bush Polder home.

Sunil Datbalack

The suspect has been identified as 45-year-old Sunil Datbalack, a farmer of Lot 117 Mibicuri North, Black Bush Polder. His wife 39-year-old Lilwanie Datbalack disappeared without a trace seven months ago.

News Room understands that following the woman’s disappearance in late August of 2016, the suspect gave family members conflicting stories on what really took place, one being that his wife left to go overseas but relatives were fearful to make a report to the police station as the suspect is known to be violent and abusive.

However, the entire story came to light yesterday when family members of the missing woman met with the Prime Minister’s Regional Representative, GobinHarbhajan, at his office and related the entire story after which they were encouraged to visit the Whim Police Station where they filed a report.

Following this, the suspect along with his sweet woman, who moved into Datbalack’s matrimonial home two months after his wife disappeared were arrested and taken into custody at the Whim Police Station to assist the police with their investigations.

News Room was told that at the time of the arrests the sweet woman was wearing the missing woman’s wedding ring.

B Division commander Ian Amsterdam disclosed that the police are in possession of vital information that could possibly crack the case. Although he refused to divulge details surrounding the arrests, this news entity was told that the suspect allegedly confessed to the crime and as a result he was taken to the location moments ago along with detectives and other CID ranks.

When the News Room arrived on the scene, the suspect was being escorted back to the Whim Police Station from the scene as police were seen cordoning off the area while several ranks were left behind to guard the location.

News Room was informed that the police will start digging various locations in the suspect’s yard and its surroundings for a shallow grave tomorrow.

More details will be provided as it become available.

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