Shewjattan in race against time


By Avenash Ramzan

Group Four driver Rupie Shewjattan is in a race against time to hit the track on Sunday at the National Race of Champions, but he is confident of being fully prepared for the challenge in his Mitsubishi Evo, which is currently being set-up.

When News Room Sport visited Shewjattan’s camp on Thursday, his team of mechanics was busy assembling the body of car #53, while ensuring that all issues relating to the smooth running of machine were being sorted out.

Group Four driver Rupie Shewjattan with his Mitsubishi Evo

“It’s a bit of a last minute, but we couldn’t get our part in on time…we now got them in so we’re putting things together. As you see in the workshop, the guys are working, we will be working 24 hours so we will show up, and we’re looking to do better than the last time,” Shewjattan mentioned.

Judging from the volume of work over the next few days, Shewjattan’s team will be working overtime, but even that might prevent the driver from getting some much-needed practice on the eve of the National Race of Champions.

“That is the problem right now because the car might not finish for the practice, but hopefully we could work overtime to get it finished. But I mean the track never moved so all I need is a few laps before the race and I should get back into it. The faster I get into it, then the race is on,” Shewjattan related.

Shewjattan had suffered a crash at the last meet in November, but he is looking to put that aside and put on a good show in the Group Four category against seasoned competitors like Andrew King and Kevin Jeffrey and two-time Caribbean champion Kristian Jeffrey.

“Yes, I’m always willing to run with them. I know they have the reputation of winning and whatever, but I’m not afraid, I just want a fair break and hopefully nobody hit me out the race, and we will see some difference,” Shewjattan boasted. 

The National Race of Champions is expected to attract a large group of drivers and riders, while spectator turnout is also expected to be massive. The day’s activities, set to get underway at 09:00h, will be coordinated by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club in partnership with a number of sponsors.  

They include Stag Beer, Exxon Mobil, Fly Jamaica, Seaboard Marine, Palm Court, Rohit Lumber Yard, Rohan Auto Sales, B.M Soat Auto Spares, Special Auto, National Hardware, Tony’s Auto Spares, Japarts, Carnival Casino, Caricom Auto Sales, S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies, Jialing, Choke Gas Station, E-Networks, Truck Masters and Prem’s Electrical. 

Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children under 12.

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