UPDATE: Police uncover human remains in Mibicuri farm yard; presumed to be missing woman.


The Police in Berbice have uncovered what appear to the remains of Lilwantie Balack. They began digging in the woman’s yard following a reported confession from her husband, Sunil Balack that he killed her and buried her body in the yard of their Mibicuri, North Black Bush Polder home.

Lilwantie Balack

Police arrested the 45 year old, a rice farmer yesterday (Thursday, March 30, 2017) along with the woman he moved into his home two months after his wife disappeared .

Lilwantie Balack’s relatives believed she went missing seven months ago but was told by her husband that she had traveled to the United States to visit other relatives there. However, the Guyana relatives became suspicious after the man moved in the other woman and she was seen wearing, Lilwantie’s wedding ring.

Members of the community gathered as Police dig for Lilwantie’s presumed remains

News Room was told that the suspect told his children the same story about the woman leaving for the U.S.

However, although being suspicious, the family members were anxious about reporting the matter to the police as the suspect is known for being abusive and violent.

After providing law enforcement officers with vital information on the case, the suspect was escorted to the location last night and reportedly showed Police where he buried his wife’s body behind their home after which detectives cordoned off the area leaving several ranks behind to keep watch.

An earlier version of this story named the suspect as Sunil Datbalack which has since been corrected.

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