Father of four killed after gas stove explodes on fishing boat


By Royan Abrams

The badly burnt remains of a father of four was pulled from the canal of the #66 Fishery on the Corentyne this afternoon, (Saturday, April 01, 2017),  hours after he jumped overboard to rescue fishermen affected by an explosion, a short distance away.

Dead is 42 year old Bhairo Persaud of #55 village on the Corentyne.

News Room understands that at about 11:30 hours this morning, (Saturday, April 01, 2017), five fishermen were at the #66 Fishery preparing their vessel to head out to sea. However, three of the crew members left to go purchase items at the Skeldon market, leaving behind the others to ensure the cooking area of the vessel had the necessary items needed for the trip.

The News Room was told that while one of the remaining crew members was loading a barrel on the vessel with gasoline, the other was attempting to light a gas stove unaware that gasoline had leaked from the barrel his colleague was fuelling and flowed along the floor of the boat to the kitchen area. This caused an explosion and both persons jumped overboard.

Persaud who was not on the vessel but nearby, witnessed the incident and himself and other persons immediately rushed to the men’s rescue and brought them to safety, as the fire started spreading on the water following the path of the gasoline.


Persaud’s wife, Bibi Aeron

However, after other fishermen managed to get the area under control and removed the other fishing vessels which were in the vicinity of the fire, they realised that Persaud was nowhere to be found.


News Room was told that the man’s body was recovered from the scene at about 15:00 hours tangled in nets. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Skeldon Public Hospital.

Speaking with reporters at their home, Persaud’s wife, Bibi Aeron related that her husband left home in search of a job since he has been unemployed for several months. She recalled that her son informed her that a boat was on fire and that his father had drowned.

Persaud has left to mourn his wife, two sons and two daughters.

Investigations are ongoing.

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