East Bank Communities benefit from Medical Outreach


The 12th Chinese Medical Team comprising of doctors specialised in internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology and traditional Chinese medicine, held its first outreach programme at Lot ‘A’, Block ‘2’, Public Road, Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara (E.B.D.)

Doctors, Representatives of the NDC and Falls Fuel Terminal, along with Volunteers

The outreach was conducted in collaboration with Caledonia/Good Success NDC, Soesdyke / Te Huis Te Coverden NDC and China Zhonghao Inc. (Falls Fuel Terminal).

According to China Zhonghao Inc., it took the initiative after recognising the medical needs of residents from the immediate and neighbouring environs and also as a way fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Approximately 200 residents, particularly elders, from within the two NDC’s were recipients of free medical interviews, checkups, observations and recommendations.

Transportation to and from the location was also provided, the company says, adding that representatives from the NDCs emphasised the need for similar gestures, for there is a large number of individuals who require medical attention in such personalised manner.

As such, the medical team and China Zhonghao Inc. says it hope that more outreach programmes would be held among the communities across the country, through collaboration of medical teams, corporate enterprises, and local authorities, “in the quest of providing and promoting the most essential humanitarian necessity, which is health care and support, and most importantly, to further develop and strengthen the existing friendship among the people of China and Guyana.”

In concluding the outreach program, donations of medications and equipment were made to the two NDC’s representatives, Mr. Colin A. Weeks, the Councilor of Good Sucess and Mrs. Kalowcee Persaud, Councillor of Social Development of Soesdyke/ Te Huis Te Coverden NDC.

Also, token appreciation in the form of plaques were handed over to Dr. Chen Lianhua, the Captain of the 12th Chinese Medical Team and Mr. Chen Ming, the Managing Director of China Zhonghao Inc. (Falls Fuel Terminal) for the invaluable and far-reaching contributions.

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