Former Health Minister lambastes successors for silence on baby’s death


A Former Minister of Health has called out the Ministers of Public Health for their seeming non-action into the premature delivery and subsequent death of a baby at the West Demerara Regional Hospital on March 30, 2017.

In a statement on Tuesday, April 04, 2017, Former Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy noted that “their inexplicable absence when such a horrifying story is spreading like wildfire is irresponsible.”

He pointed out that the circulation of videos and photos relating to the incident have gone viral on social media and the “bring shame to the public health sector and Guyana.”

“While the viral videos are damning and shameful to our country, the Ministers of Public Health and their Ministry are closeted at the Ministry ignoring the outrage of people everywhere,” he added.

Dr. Ramsammy said while it is entirely possible that the baby might not have survived even with life-sustaining interventions, “the hospital staff has an obligation to ensure that all possible interventions were employed to keep the baby alive.”

Even if what is being pedalled is wrong, the former Minister said an explanation is necessary.

“The longer the Ministry takes to become engaged the worst the story gets,” he noted.

The regulation under the Ministry of Health Act provides for an automatic investigation of all newborn and baby deaths with an initial institutional report to the Ministry of Public Health within 24 hours.


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