Man at large after raping and threatening to kill Corentyne woman and daughters.


A Corentyne mother whose name we cannot disclose at this time and her children are living in fear as a man whom the woman had previously shared a relationship with has threatened to kill her and her children after the girls accused the man of rape.

News Room was told that late last month the man who was living with the woman and her two daughters along with the woman’s son at #1 village on the Corentyne reportedly forced himself on the 13 year-old in an effort to have sex with her.

However, the teen shut down the advance but later on the day in question the man forced the teen in a room while her mother and brother were not at home and had sex with the teen and in the process told her that it was okay as he did it with the other girls before.

The woman who was very emotional told reporters that when her 13 year-old daughter disclosed what took place she questioned the man and he denied the allegations but he later became upset and armed himself with a cutlass and attacked the woman and her daughters while shouting ” I will kill all of y’all in here”.

After hearing this the females ran and locked themselves in a bedroom while the son attempted to relieve the man who was supposed to be their stepfather of the weapon.

According to the woman, she sustained a chop to her hand and reported the matter to the police after which the man was arrested and taken into custody but has since been placed on bail for chopping the woman while the police have failed to institute a rape charge against him although doctors confirmed that the teen was raped.

The woman is pleading with the police in Berbice to have the man arrested as he could execute his threats to her and her children who have since been sleeping in fear.

Commander of B Division Ian Amsterdam when contacted said that in relation to the rape charges the files have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.

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