Murdered woman suffered repeated abuse at hands of reputed husband


Police in ‘D’ Division are trying to locate a 28-year-old man who allegedly strangled his wife to death at about 07:30hrs this morning (Wednesday, April 05, 2017).

News Room previously reported that the 29-year-old mother of three was found murdered in her home at Parika Façade, East Bank Essequibo.

Persons gathered at the scene of the incident on April 05, 2017

Investigations have so far revealed that the victim, Dhanwantie Ram, after suffering domestic abuse at the hands of her reputed husband four days ago, left the home and went to her house at Parika Façade.

The woman also took her three children along.

However, on Tuesday evening (April 04, 2017), the suspect, a 28-year-old Labourer went to the victim’s house and demanded that she return to his home. She refused and he allegedly abused her and left. The man’s only name was given as “Andre”.

Father of the deceased, Baijram Jailall

Father of the deceased, Baijram Jailall who spoke with the News Room noted that the woman has repeatedly suffered from abuse at the hands of the suspect. “This bai ah always abuse she and ma try to mek thing right and ma come, anything they want anything, ah helping them. Ah come yesterday and talk to he, ah seh when he sober, ah gon come and talk to he. This marning ma daughter call me, ah tell them ah coming deh now and ah leff home, before ah come, he done kill she,” he told media personnel.

However, he added that he never advised her to leave the relationship. Jailall said “I always tell she man, you got three children fo he and ahyo must try and live good, wuh me cud afford help ahyo, me go help ahyo.”

The suspect’s father who was also at the scene, noted that he gave the house to his son after the couple decided to live together. However, he was unable to entertain an interview with the news team.

According to the police, at about 06:00hrs this morning (April 05, 2017), the victim was on her way to the Parika Police Station to

One of the woman’s friends, Shereza Beepan

lodge a report against the suspect, when he intercepted and took her to his home where she was later found by a relative motionless.

The woman was discovered in a sitting position with a bed sheet tied around her neck and the suspect was seen fleeing towards the back dam.

She was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of the woman’s friends, Shereza Beepan, who has been residing nearby for approximately seven months, says she has witnessed her friend being abused on several occasions.

She recalled “he run she a night after nine, with she two children crying, with a cutlass till in me yard and I rescue she and when I rescue she and she stay by me over weeks and he cuss me and I cuss he back” adding that “everybody knows but people don’t put they mouth in people story.”

According to persons gathered at the scene of the incident, Ram and the suspect have been together for some 12 years.

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