Diamond Diagnostic Centre described as ‘health hazard’ by Parliamentary Committee


Major deficiencies have been pointed out at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre with the facility now being described as a ‘health hazard’ by the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services.

As construction continues at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, on Thursday (April 06, 2017), the Committee visited the institution to have a first-hand look at the challenges there.

Some of the concerns raised by staff at the facility include shortages of sterile gloves and medications.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said during the visit her team noticed that there are a lot of doctors and nurses who genuinely are committed to their job. However, she did point out that the staff is frustrated with their daily challenges which are no fault of theirs.

Other areas of concern to the Committee members “was the HIV situation. No medication people who are stuck while on the job regarding staff, they have to go Georgetown. There is no testing going on here, so it’s a health hazard. It’s serious. So, there are things that we don’t hear about so we are glad that we are coming here we engaging with staff, public, administration, everything so we can get a clear idea of what’s happening. When we put it out there, it’s not yah know just hear-say and anecdotal its fact. The hospital does not have an administrator, and the Doctor is pitching in, and that is not right” Dr. Vindhya said.

Meanwhile, the East Bank Regional Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Maitee Camacho Vazquez said the lack of equipment and space are the major problems at the hospital.

“The hospital do not have enough space to have big room for everybody. It is not for the Doctors is the problem is facility for the rest of the staff is the big problem here because the Doctor have one room and we ready prepare two months ago nah for the nurses and they have bigger than the doctors. The maids they have because we prepare that but for example driver, I need one room, I need it for the other staff that is working here. We have Porter 24 hours in Diamond,” she explained.

Though the Centre’s maternal and the intensive care unit (ICU) is being renovated for the last 12 weeks, several concerns were highlighted. Some of the visible signs of deterioration are cracks along the walls,  stains and termite trails.

Dr. Persaud also told the local press that the visiting Parliamentary team believes that government cannot continue with one and a half year of shortages because of poor management and planning in the health care system.

“Overall people are struggling to make ends meet so when you put that additional burden of Health on them, now you taxing health care so if you go private system you are paying 14% on health care at a private system,” she highlighted.

She disclosed that the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services is meeting next week and it plans to summon the Minister of Public Health to answer for a lot of the conditions.

For the last three months, Diamond Centre officials confirmed that 16 patients were transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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