Timmers expecting “harsh” competition at Georgetown GP


By Avenash Ramzan

Canadian Darryl Timmers on Wednesday arrived in Guyana to compete in the Georgetown Grand Prix, and the driver is gearing himself for some tough competition from his rivals on Friday night.

Like he did at the first Georgetown Grand Prix in February, Timmers will once again be competing in the GT Motorsports marquee event, but this time in the Shifter Karts against the likes of close friend Kristian Jeffrey, veteran racer Mark Vieira, Trinidad and Tobago driving sensation Kristian Boodoosingh, top Guyanese driver Stefan Jeffrey and rising talent Carlos Rodrigues.

“Honestly I think it’s going to be some harsh competition out there and you can expect me to bring my game. I’m coming to kind of have some fun out there and compete; the facility is awesome and me and Kristian (Jeffrey) are pretty close friends so it’s always a rivalry when we’re on the track together,” Timmers told News Room Sport.

Since the last Georgetown Grand Prix, Timmers hasn’t had any personal training as he was busy preparing karters for the start of the Canadian season next week. With some time to go before race day, Timmers highlighted some of the areas of focus with regards his preparation.

“Well one of the things is we’re going to go over the kart. We’re going to strip it down, go over all the parts; we had a couple of mechanical failures at the last race. In the end, it’s motor-sport right (and) we’re depending on a machine and when it comes down to depending on a machine sometimes it doesn’t want to be reliable and the only way to make it reliable is to go over the kart with a fine tooth comb,” Timmers explained.

Timmers, who competed in the Four-stroke Light category at the last meet, and recorded one win despite having some difficulties with his kart, is looking to have some practice time under his belt as he looks to master the track ahead of Friday’s event.

“It’s all about getting out the corner. It’s not a high horsepower track; it’s not a track where you have tons of high speed corners, it’s more of get in the corner, get out of the corner. So getting into the apex really quickly, getting back on throttle and exiting the corner as fast as you can is pretty much the way to get around this track,” Timmers highlighted. 

The Canadian is also looking to renew his rivalry with Jeffrey in what is a coach and student clash. Jeffrey was the champion driver at the last Georgetown Grand Prix, winning all three races in the Shifter Class.

“He’s defending home territory so I think he has all the pressure on himself. I’m just going to do what I do and have some fun in the kart and hopefully he would be steering at my bumper at the end of the weekend,” Timmers posited.

Friday’s action will speed off at 18:00h and will see rivalry in seven categories, namely 60cc, 125cc Junior, 125cc Senior, 4-Stroke Light, 4-Stroke Heavy, Shifter karts and the Easy Cup Rookies.

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