Minister Broomes takes Easter cheer to Corentyne, Berbice


By Leroy Smith

Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes on Friday made impromptu visits to two Primary Schools at Corentyne, Berbice where she interacted with students, teachers and education officials.

The minister also distributed kites to the students of the two schools, namely the Fyrish Primary School and the Gibraltar Courtland Primary School.

Minister Brooms distributes kites to pupils of the Gibraltar Courtland Primary School

During her visits to the schools, the Minister used the opportunity to speak with the students on their readiness for the National Grade Six Assessment, as well as the need for them to excel at their studies if they are to contribute meaningfully to the nation.

It was during the visit that Minister Broomes also received a briefing from the Regional Education Officer on some aspects of the performance of other schools in the region, as well as what else the Government can do to assist the children during their school years.

During an impromptu visit to the Alpha Children’s Home located on the East Bank of Berbice, Minister Brooms met with Founder of the home, Ester Bruyning and was given a tour of the facility.

The minister and her team were briefed on the establishment of the home and its service to the nation’s orphans and vulnerable.

Ms Bruyning leads Minister Brooms on a tour of the children’s sleeping quarters

The home was gifted with several items by the minister and a member of her team who celebrated a birthday shared his birthday cake with the children.

The Alpha Children’s Home was commissioned by Late President Desmond Hoyte.

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