Nationals set for Easter term move


By Treiston Joseph

The National School Championships will be held twice in six months as the Ministry of Education prepares to move the event to the Easter term in 2018.  The decision to switch from November to earlier in the year was made known to the Guyana Teachers Union today (April 11) at a General Council Meeting.

The longest running sport event in Guyana will make its last appearance in the traditional November period this year (24-27 to be exact) before the move to the Easter term is made official in 2018.

Sources indicated to News Room Sport that the Guyana Teachers Union was not in full agreement with the move because of concerns over the current low pass rate at CSEC. In addition, the Ministry of Education will also divide the championship into Primary and Secondary championships, separating the two that have been held as one even for decades.

Sources also revealed that the Ministry of Education has also decided to remove the Teachers’ Championship from the event, starting November. However, the teachers submitted a proposal at the meeting earlier today to hold a teachers’ exclusive championship this October.

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