Stolen cell phone found vibrating in Constable’s crotch


 By Leroy Smith

A Police Constable attached to the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) was placed under close arrest after a phone which was stolen from his colleague at the TSU barracks, Eve Leary, was found in his crotch.

According to information reaching News Room, the phone was found vibrating in the Constable’s crotch during a search. When the item was found, he reportedly informed that he does not know how it got there.

The rank at the center of the investigation has been identified as Constable Sookdeo. The News Room was told that Sookdeo’s relatives were willing to compensate the other rank for the inconvenience, but that rank, as well as other senior officers of the TSU, would have ‘none of it.’

This is not the first time that a rank has found himself in hot water for stealing from other ranks. Unconfirmed reports suggest that in some cases, the underpants, briefs, vests, socks and other personal items of some ranks have gone missing either by prank or theft.

News Room was also told that some ranks would choose to wash their clothing on a day when there is very little work so that they can be close by to monitor their clothing while it dries. If this is not done, they reportedly stand the risk of losing their items.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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