Busy season for Sport Award nominee Doris


By Treiston Joseph

Guyana’s finalist on the 2016 Olympics, Troy Doris, has a busy 2017 season ahead in hope of making the World Championships in the summer.

Doris, who leapt his way to the final of the triple jump in the Olympics last year, is hoping to make a strong start to his season on Saturday.

“I’m feeling much more confident this year. Having the Olympic experience set the standard of how well I need to be performing and what to expect from myself. I haven’t set any solidified goals, but I want to qualify for the World Championship team in London and make the finals” Doris noted.

Further,  Doris highlighted that the Olympics has really made an impact on the way he sees his performances and has strengthened his mentality for the upcoming season.

“In the past, I used to go into the competitions a bit worried about the final outcome of the meet. The games forced me to focus on executing my technique properly and focusing on myself and not worrying about things that happen in the competition that i have no control over,” Doris pinpointed.

Meanwhile,  Doris who was nominated for the National Sports Commission Sportsman of the Year award, was grateful for the achievements and congratulated his fellow nominees.

“Yeah I just found out this news today (April 13, 2017). I’m honoured to be nominated amongst the best athletes in the country. Whatever the outcome, we can’t deny all the athletes share the same attitude in regards to wanting to be the best at their skill and the nominees are a reflection of that fact. We’re all dedicated to our craft,” the triple jumper stated.

Doris also gave a rundown of his upcoming schedule in an exclusive with News Room Sport,  ” I have a competition this weekend in Los Angeles, California. My next competition is Drake relays in Iowa “Rio Rematch” , after that two Diamond League meets in Doha, Qatar, and the next one is Nike PRE Classic in Eugene, Oregon, ” Doris revealed.

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