‘Prostitute’ found dead in hotel room


By Leroy Smith

A woman who goes by the name of “Madusee” and who was described as a prostitute was today found dead in a hotel room. The hotel, John’s is located in George Street, Werk-en-rust, Georgetown.

The News Room was informed that the woman who checked into the hotel last night did not leave the room at the scheduled time.  It was then that the hotel staff went to the room in an attempt to make contact with her, however, she did not respond to the call.

A decision was then taken to get into the room by unconventional means. The woman was found dead on the bed. We were informed that there were no marks of violence on her body.

She was described as a slightly aged woman who had a love for narcotics. An occupant of a room next to the dead woman’s related that late last night into this morning, the smell of narcotics was emanating from the room.

Police sources suspect that the woman may have suffered a heart attack.

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