Woman arrested for fatally stabbing brother, injuring mother


A Covent Garden family has been torn apart with one relative losing his life, his sister detained by the police and their mother nursing a stab wound to her neck.

Dead is 21-year old Vishaul Hansraj of Covent Garden squatting area, East Bank Demerara. He died at the Georgetown Public Hospital today (Tuesday, April 18, 2017), hours after he was hospitalised with stab wounds to his body.

His mother, Simentra Bridgepooan told the News Room that she was asleep and moments after she woke up, she got into an altercation with her daughter, 24-year-old, Debra Hansraj.

She noted that when she was awoken from her slumber, she inquired from her daughter whether the siblings had a fight but was told no.

“Suh me she, yes, how yuh pack yuh mouth, and she run out. She seh ‘want a problem?’ and start cuss me. She push me right by da wood (indicating to a piece of lumber in the yard), and I fall. She had a knife in she hand and when I fall, she gimme wan mark hay, it nah deep, like wan lil scratch so it start to bleed and me run out and I go and siddown pon the ground and the neighbour call taxi and them send me ah Diamond (Diagnostic Centre),” the woman related.

However, before the taxi departed, she noted that “Meh son running coming to, and he come home, and when he come home, them fetch he ova deh that he get juck-up (stabbed) to. And them hice am and carry am, the same carry me, carry me son. When they carry he, he seh ‘mammi he nah know who juck (stab) he, he can’t seh nothing because he half conscious.”

Hansraj was said to be imbibing in the school yard last evening (Monday, April 17, 2017), along with his brothers, before the incident occurred.

“Last night he was bleeding through he nose, and vomiting blood…” before he succumbed at the hospital.

The distraught mother admitted that her two children would usually have major arguments and fights with each other, but is denying that her son was stabbed by her his own sister. In fact, she is claiming that although he was drinking at the school yard with his brother and sister, they left him and went somewhere else.

Persons in the area are however contending and have indicated to the News Room that it was the woman who stabbed her own brother.

Police sources have indicated to the News Room that there are initial information and evidence to suggest that the detained woman did indeed stab her brother on Monday night.

The woman is the mother of five sons and three daughters. She noted that it is her hope that her daughter is not placed behind bars since she already lost one child and do not hope to lose another. “Me poor and me nah want none story. Who nah do it or whosoever do it, he done gone home” the distraught mother related.

The family has been calling a section of the Demerara River bank their home as they would have constructed their shacks and have been living there for some time now.


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