Diaspora assists ECCCC to acquire blade tractor/mower


Several overseas-based Guyanese with Enmore roots recently made a generous monetary donation towards the acquisition of one 48-inch blade tractor/mower, in care of Desmond Mohamed (Chairman), to assist in the maintenance of the Enmore Community Centre ground.

In the past, the ground and facilities were maintained by Enmore Estate, the legal owners, but such assistance had not been forthcoming for some time now, the Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) said in a release.

“Thus, the approach to well-wishers from our friends overseas. It goes without saying that maintenance of a sports ground facility, particularly one which is cricket-oriented, requires constant maintenance and at great cost. The kind assistance of the under-mentioned donors is therefore most timely and welcome. The Enmore Centre Ground is now resembling what most of our donors would recall in their earlier days in Enmore,” the ECCCC further stated.

The membership Enmore Community Centre wishes to sincerely thank the following persons and entities for their meaningful contributions towards the successful acquisition and operationalisation of the tractor mower: Jai Hardowar, Baby Gajadhar, Polly Abbas, Juliet Singh/Mahase, Alma Mahase, Doodnauth Jirjodhan (Banda), Henry Singh (H), David Anthony (Girrie), Seow Prashad, Harry Mohabir, Ramphal Bridghmohan, Haripaul Bridghmohan, Shareef (Sharo), Dhanmattie Bridghmohan, Enmore Association Toronto Chapter, Moulvi Mohamed Hussain Khan (deceased), Vishnu Singh, Deodat Gajadar, Shafiek Mohamed, Zorina Mohamed, Rohan Hardowar, Robert Budhu, Patsy Downey/London Cricket Group, Paul Bhola, Surujpaul Singh and Laparkan Shipping and Anil Persaud.
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