Five homeless following Corentyne fire


By Royan Abrams

A family of five is now homeless after a fire of unknown origin completely destroyed their home; a five bedroom wooden and concrete structure at Port Mourant, Corentyne.

News Room understands that the fire began at about 07:30 hours this morning (Saturday, April 22, 2017) while only three children were at home.

Mohinnie Ramdass

According to Mohinnie Ramdass, she left for the Port Mourant market at about 6:00 hours while her husband had left earlier for work. She noted that it was customary for her to leave her children at home while she ran her errands.

News Room was told that at about 08:30 hrs, while she was returning home from the market, she observed smoke and fire emanating from the upper flat of her two-story home.

She recalled that she starting screaming for help even as she was unaware whether or not her children were still in the building. However, she rushed to the building and located her three children and immediately made contact with the Guyana Fire Service (GFS).

According to the woman, the fire tender arrived at the scene almost an hour after, and by that time the house was already engulfed in flames. News Room was told that the fire tender also had no water when they arrived.

Ramdass who was very emotional, is also seeking the public’s support whether it is resources or financial contribution, as she lost everything in the fire and her three children are expected to attend school when it reopens next week.

The family can be contacted on +592 639 6307.

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