Woman allegedly takes her life following beating from husband


By Royan Abrams

A Rose Hall Town, Corentyne woman is mourning the death of her only daughter who allegedly took her own life today, Saturday April 22, 2017.

Dead is Ashmini Christine Singh, 30 years of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne.

News Room understands that prior to her death, Singh was the victim of domestic violence as only yesterday afternoon (Friday, April 21, 2017), she was allegedly severely beaten by her husband on the public road.

Mother of the Deceased

According to the mother of the deceased Sorojnie Singh, at about 14:00 hours yesterday, her daughter left her home indicating that she would return shortly. However, she never did until this morning when she arrived home and started vomiting and later collapsed.

“This morning I was in the kitchen doing work when me neighbor call me and told me to come and while I was walking going out now me see Christine lean by the fence and vomiting and by time me fuh reach deh she fall down,” she related.

News Room was told that Sorojnie immediately stopped a car and rushed her daughter to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she died moments later. “My daughter is a good person she nah mek fight with nobody, she is ah helping hand to everybody, is she husband beat she by the burial ground bridge deh last night but 19:30 hours and then it bin get wan parade, ah pass ah road and me and meh neighbor went ah road after that we went out and me see the husband, ah pulling she hand through a street and that is the last me see them two.”

According to the dead woman’s mother, several reports were lodged at the Rose Hall Police Outpost in relation to the constant physical abuse meted out to her daughter at the hands of her husband.

Investigations are ongoing.

Please share this with anyone you know who is depressed or might be thinking of committing suicide; The Guyana Inter-agency Suicide Helpline operates 24 hours, and is organised by the Guyana Police Force. Telephone -223-0001, 223-0009, 223-0818 Cellphone – 600-7896, 623-4444

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