Defects on turnkey homes to be fully rectified by month- end


Recipients of the government’s turnkey houses will soon get access to their homes as the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is currently wrapping up remedial works on defective buildings.

The project came under scrutiny after defects were detected in the structures of many of the completed building, constructed at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara, even before the beneficiaries moved into their homes.

During a visit to the location, Project Manager, Kennard Dazzell told the media today (Monday, April 24, 2o17), that this effort which started in September 2016, will be 100 percent completed by the end of the week. Dazzell explained that correction works had “a bit of delay over some administrative issues, but that is done, so this programme will be fully completed before the end of the week.”

The previous government had constructed approximately 200 turnkey homes at Perseverance site. But as a consequence of the defects, less than 50 percent of the buildings are occupied.

“The extent of the work varied from minor to major defects on some of the buildings. Some of the major ones we found were like cracks in some of the buildings, the plumbing, the flooring, the ceiling and a couple others, but it spread across. Some had minor stuff to be done which you know, is minor oversight,” he explained.

Dazzell explained that as the CH&PA has been correcting the defects, occupancy has been steadily increasing. “The level of occupancy has been rising, every day we have two, three persons moving in,” he said. With the 100 completion of all the works, Dazzell said that the CH&PA expects that, “we would definitely see the whole area populated with all persons (homeowners) coming back on board.”

In 2011, the previous administration commenced the construction of the turn-key houses in several housing schemes, namely Providence, Eccles, Mon Repos, Good Hope, Zeelugt and Leonora. The programme had also catered for 1000 of these homes, costing $4.9M each, (the house costing $4.4M and the land costing $500,000) at Perseverance.

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