Informant of alleged plot to assassinate President missing


By Leroy Smith

A man who appeared on a local television newscast claiming that he was approached by a businessman to assassinate President David Granger appears to have gone into hiding.

Speaking with the News Room earlier today (Monday, April 24, 2017) Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum noted that several attempts were made at the weekend to contact the man, however, all proved futile as he could not be located.

“During the course of the weekend, investigators made several efforts to contact the reporter (person making the allegations), but they were unsuccessful. We are continuing with our checks at his residence and other areas so that he can come forward and we can address the points that were raised by the Police Legal Advisor so that we can conclude the investigations and return the file to the Legal Advisor’s chambers,” Blanhum said.

In a televised interview, the man alleged that he was approached by the businessman to do the deed in exchange for $7M after requesting a loan.

The man also stated that the person who approached him with the offer is the friend of several senior personnel within the Guyana Police Force, DPP Chambers and the Judiciary.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday refuted claims that there is evidence to suggest police involvement in the plot.

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