Man with 140 grams of Marijuana told ranks he bought it for “fifteen grand”


Devon Joseph, 26 years old of 96 Beverly Hills, Lethem was busted with 140 grams of marijuana which he told detectives he had for the purpose of trafficking.

The young man who was earlier seen acting in a suspicious manner was searched and the items were found.

According to information received, the police who were lead by a senior officer and who were on a patrol at the time, conducted routine patrolling exercises in the Marudi Backdam when they encountered the man of mixed race.

He was stopped and a search carried out on the haversack he was carrying at the time, found a black plastic bag containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be marijuana.

The suspect was shown the items which were then confiscated, tested and lodged. He told detectives for he bought it from “Marcus” (only name given) for a price tag of $15,000.

The police are now looking for Marcus, after which both men will be processed for court.

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