PPP says answers to solving woes of GuySuCo in its 2015 election manifesto


The Government is preparing to lay a white paper on the way forward for the Sugar industry at the next sitting of the National Assembly. However, the Opposition Peoples’ Progressive Party has already expressed its non-support for the documents.

Speaking at a Press Conference yesterday (Monday, April 24, 2017), PPP Executive member, Dr. Roger Luncheon said, “we insist, not only is sugar too big to fail but what needs to be done, is doable.” He said the measures to turnaround the industry were included in the PPP’s 2015 Elections manifesto.

“We have pointed out how easy it is, in the manifesto of the PPP in 2015. We dedicate, we said once we were returned to office, 20 billion dollars would be allocated to the sugar industry to reverse its fortunes and return it to financial viability and profitability,” Dr. Luncheon told media operatives at the Party’s headquarters on Robb Street, Georgetown.

He added that “this administration decide…we are not going to salvage, we are not going to save the sugar industry and they have decided on a course of action for which the Peoples Progressive Party stands resolutely opposed.”

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, at a recent press conference, noted that the white paper followed consultation hosted earlier this year with the Opposition and Unions representing sugar workers. He said financial and technical evidence presented, “basically is saying that it is feasible to amalgamate some estates and factories where it is appropriate for better utilisation for the nation’s resources.”

Harmon added that “Secondly, it points to the requirement for divestment of some of these facilities, and thirdly, it speaks to utilizing some of the facilities of these estates, particularly the land to invite sugar workers and cane farmers to undertake agro-based activities on these lands that will become available as a result of that.”

Dr. Luncheon at Monday’s Press Conference also questioned: “what are the justifications?”

Asked what will be the next step if the Opposition refuses to contribute to the debate, the Minister of State said the government expects that the debate will go through, giving clearance to ensure that urgent systems are put in place.

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