Prison officer assaults colleague at Lusignan Prison


By Leroy Smith

The administration of the Guyana Prison Service has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding an assault on a junior Prison Officer by another, earlier this week. The Officers were both on duty at the Lusignan Prisons.

The incident reportedly stemmed from one of the officer’s refusal to get his bed in order.

The News Room was told that one of the men was trying to ensure that the barracks Room was in order for an inspection, while the other reportedly displayed a somewhat lackadaisical approach, something that would have an impact on the inspection.

As a result, Prison Officer, Jerome Chichester slapped his colleague Jevon Williams and a scuffle ensued. Williams then reported the matter to the Principal Training Officer.

Statements were taken from the two officers as well about six other persons who were in the room at the time of the incident and claimed to have seen what took place.

However, based on information reaching the News Room, Williams became annoyed after he was denied a request to seek medical attention off campus. The premises we were told does have a medical facility and any medical attention ought to be sought there first, according to the SOP.

Sources stated that the slapping incident took place on Tuesday morning, (May 02, 2017) and Williams was only allowed to seek medical attention on Wednesday (May 03, 2014), almost 24hours after the incident.

The Director of the Prisons, Gladwin Samuels when contacted confirmed that he was in receipt of a report of assault committed on one rank and assured that an investigation was underway.

He said that aside, the said officer who was slapped has been consistently displaying a lack of discipline and it was recommended prior that he be relieved of his duties given his conduct.

A date for an internal trial is being looked at but that will not get underway soon, as the officer who was slapped is away from the Prison facility on sick leave.

It is unclear if that sick leave was issued by the prison medical officer or external medical attention and examination were sought.

The issues of interpersonal violence within the police force, army and prisons is nothing new and on many occasions, it is the junior ranks who often find themselves on the receiving end. In this case, however, both officers are members of the training school who recently completed examination.

While there was a report that the aggressor in the incident also advanced to Williams with a broken bottle and also threatened to have connections to “gunmen” the Director of Prisons told the News Room that based on initial investigations and statements, those claims were not substantiated.

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