‘Symptoms’ arrested for murder of ‘Kunta’


By Leroy Smith

A man who is popular around the Bourda Market area and goes by the name “Symptoms” was this morning, (Friday, May 05, 2017), arrested for stabbing death of Jerome Cumberbatch, 40 years old.

Cumberbatch who also goes by the aliases “Kunta” and Crekateh” was reportedly stabbed by “Symptoms” on Thursday at the Bourda market.

The News Room has been informed that the suspect was nabbed, following information the police received about his whereabouts.

It was reported that he was making arrangements to flee to Berbice where he is originally from.

Both men are known for doing odd jobs around the market and on Thursday (May 04, 2017), they had a misunderstanding over some money. It was then that Cumberbatch who is said to be a resident of Lot 159 Half Mile Wismar, Linden, was stabbed with an unknown object by “Symptoms”.

We were also told that during the initial misunderstanding, as the men began exchanging profanities and were getting physical, persons who were close by were reluctant to intervene.

The police investigations are ongoing.

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