Ex-police with ongoing court matter among suspected bandits arrested


By Leroy Smith

Trevon McKenzie, a former Police Constable who was fired from the Guyana Police Force in 2015 is among five persons who was arrested this morning (Saturday, May 06, 2017), by detectives in Berbice with an illegal firearm, a wig, a crowbar and other items.

Trevon McKenzie’s firing from the Force in 2015 went along with other members of the force including a senior officer, after they were accused of taking a $6M bribe to allow a bus loaded with cocaine to pass freely on the Corentyne Coast.

The matter against the senior rank was dismissed but McKenzie and the other ranks are still before the Court trying to defend their case.

This evening, (Saturday, May 06, 2017), the News Room learnt that McKenzie who was the driver of the car, PNN 7770, at the time it was intercepted by the police, might have been using his relationship with serving members of the force to transport suspects around various Berbice communities.

We were also told that at the time the men were arrested, a resident from Berbice was at a police station to make a report about a car with five men who attempted to rob him the night before. Based on initial investigation, the vehicle in which the ex-police man and his accomplices were in, fit the description of the car given to detectives at the police station.

When the car was about to be intercepted on Saturday morning, two of the occupants who were inside attempted to flee from the police. However, they were chased after and apprehended.

The weapon which they tossed in the trunk of the car after seeing the police, was recovered and it was found to be a pistol with 13 live rounds. The men also had in the vehicle a rope, a mask and a haversack.

One police source in the division said that based on the summing up of initial investigations, the men were about to commit a robbery. It was noted that the ex-policeman is from the Glasgow Housing Scheme, where the police made the arrests.

The other suspects arrested have been identified as33 year old Michael Embrack of Fort Ordinance Housing Scheme, East Canje, Berbice, 27 year old Mickey Henry of Timmers Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, 26 year old Jason Archer of Pilot Street, New Amsterdam, and 22 year old Sean Browne of Dazzle Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

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