Police officer among five taken into custody following discovery of marijuana


By Royan Abrams

Five persons including a police officer were taken into custody for questioning after a quantity of marijuana was discovered in a hire car in which they were travelling.

The men were taken into custody on Friday, May 05, 2017, during a road block on the West Coast Berbice (WCB).

24 year old Steven Gomes of Strand, New Amsterdam, taxi driver, 25 year old Jamal Arjune of Mount Sinai, West Canje, Berbice, 24 year old Diralisa Park and 19 year old Akuiba Reynolds of also of #2 Village, Canje,  and police officer, 19 year old Nicose Phillips from Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam were taken to the Weldaad Police Station, WCB. on the West Coast of Berbice were

According to information reaching the News Room, at about 16:00 hours a group of police officers were on a road block on Profit Public Road West Coast, Berbice, when they stopped motor car bearing registration number HC 7077.

At the time the vehicle was proceeding west with four passengers who were asked to exit the vehicle, along with their bags. It was observed that  Gomes who was sitting in the back passenger seat was acting in a suspicious manner, while holding a transparent zip-lock plastic bag. The bag was opened in his presence and found to have a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be marijuana.

Gomes was told of the offence committed, caution and he admitted, after which he was arrested and escorted to the Weldaad Police Station along with the other four occupants of the motor car who provided ranks with statements and released from custody.

The suspected cannabis was weighed in Gomes presence and amounted to 354 grams.

Gomes is presently in custody pending charge.

Investigations are ongoing.

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