NSC Commissioners in Christopher Jones’ corner


Commissioners of the National Sports Commission (NSC) on Thursday issued a release throwing their support behind Director of Sport Christopher Jones. Jones has been accused of several malpractices, all of which he has deemed as “falsehoods.” Below is the full statement.

We the Commissioners of the National Sports Commission have read in the print media a report that seeks to bring the reputation and character of the Director of Sport Mr. Christopher Jones into disrepute. We wish to inform the Nation that we reserve every confidence in DoS Mr. Christopher Jones and his ability to perform his responsibilities with integrity, steadfastness and fairness. The incidents so described (with specific reference to the matters relating to the Inter Guiana Games 2016) are within the knowledge and part of the remit of the National Sports Commission.

To be abundantly clear there was an Inter Guiana Games Committee established to manage and oversee these Games which was headed by member of the National Sports Commission, Commissioner Ms. Lavern Fraser. Additionally, another member of the National Sports Commission, Commissioner Mr. Seon Erskine served as a member of the said Inter Guiana Games Committee.

The Committee and DoS Mr. Christopher briefed the National Sports Commission of each and every development as it pertains to the management and execution of the Inter Guiana Games. We are extremely disheartened that allegations of corruption are being raised when everything was done above board.

All Guyana must remember what a tremendous success these Games were. All Guyana must remember the high quality of service rendered to athletes and officials both foreign and domestic. All Guyana must remember the magnificent state our facilities were put into for these Games. This was a collaborative effort between Government of Guyana, the National Sports Commission, the Private Sector and most of all ordinary Guyanese who played their part in getting the job done.

As it relates to the incidents described by the Deputy Director of Sport Ms. Melissa Dow Richardson, we the Commissioners of the National Sports Commission will say regrettably we found cause enough to document the full nature of the behaviour and conduct of Ms. Melissa Dow Richardson and were an inquiry to be launched into her overall conduct most will be alarmed. Notwithstanding, we welcome an investigation into any allegation of mistreatment to women at the workplace as this ought never to be condoned.

In conclusion, sport in Guyana is now at a good place where we are seeing results where we are seeing tax dollars at work. We urge the Nation and all stakeholders of the Sport Sector to remain focused. We the Commissioners of the National Sports Commission with the support of the Ministry of Education both Ministers Dr. Roopnaraine MP and Ms. Henry MP, former Permanent Secretary Mr. Alfred King and support staff,  will be delivering a Synthetic Track in Linden, the “Light It Up Project” for grounds countrywide, scholarships for athletes, the installation of a Cool Air Venting System at the National Gymnasium, a Multi Purpose Facility in Bartica, completion of the Athletes Database, upgrades to the National Aquatic Centre amongst other projects in 2017.

We end with a quote from our First Lady Her Excellency Mrs. Sandra Granger:

“Will we ever be big enough to celebrate and emulate the achievements of others without seeking to drag them down?”

God Bless Guyana.


Mr. Ivan Persaud

Mr. Seon Erskine

Mr. Edison Jefford

Ms. Aliann Pompey

Mr.Ramnaresh Sarwan

Ms. Inga Teague

Mr. Lavern Fraser

Mr. James A Bond

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