Installation of Arch on East Coast 90% completed


Despite widespread complaints from commuters on Thursday, citizens were today (Friday, May 12, 2017) making trips to the newly erected Arch installed at Cummingslodge on the Rupert Craig Highway, to either join in the patriotic “selfie frenzy” or simply to get a glimpse of the massive structure.

The installation of the Arch was approximately 90% completed at 23:00hrs on Thursday night, with final works scheduled for today (Friday, May 12, 2017).

Persons were seen stopping at the arch where workers laboured overnight to take pictures Friday morning.

The erection of the arch began during rush hour on Thursday morning, slowing traffic to a crawl amidst claims of persons missing examinations and flights out of the Ogle International Airport.

Drivers whined excessively about being stuck in traffic for several hours on both the Rupert Craig Highway and the Railway Embankment as the Highway between UG Access Road and Ogle Access Road was closed to traffic from 9 am.

Following the traffic chaos and the complaints of commuters, works to erect the arch was halted and recommenced last night.

The Caribbean Examinations Council Division in Guyana said that it has not received reports of any person missing the Thursday’s CSEC examinations.

Students were also sitting examinations at the nearby University of Guyana during yesterday’s pandemonium.

With the erection of the arch almost 100% complete, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has issued an apology for the inconveniences caused thus far.

“We offer our assurances that ongoing works will continue with your comfort in mind,” a statement noted.

The arch was donated by Ansa Mcal and marks the entrance of the city from the East Coast.

There is a main Independence Arch at the head of Brickdam in Georgetown and another along the East Bank Public Road, which marks the entrances to the city on that end.

All these arches were donated by private sector entities.

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