Maximum security for 51st Independence celebrations; Fireworks for Durban Park


Guyana’s 51st Independence Anniversary celebrations will not be as huge as the Jubilee celebrations last year, however; measures are being put in place to ensure maximum security for persons attending the events.

Commander of ‘C’ Division, Calvin Brutus

Commander of ‘C’ Division, Calvin Brutus during a Press Conference on Monday, (May 15, 2017), noted that police officers from the Traffic Division and the Criminal Investigations Departments (C.I.D) along with Special ranks will be deployed at various locations. This he said will be done for the flag raising ceremony to be hosted on the night of May 25th at Durban Park and also for other activities planned for the week.

“For the security at the venue, the VIP stands will have police deployment separate, each stand will have police deployed; general duty, C.I.D., and special branch, and we working in close collaboration with the fire service, Red Cross and C.D.C. (Civil Defense Commission) because they have a role to play as well. We’ll also have anti-crime patrols in Hadfield Street, on Vlissingen Road, the northern and southern halves from the venue, to ensure that persons access and leave the venue and get home safely,” the Commander said.

In relation to parking arrangement, no parking will be allowed on Homestretch Avenue to facilitate the free flow of the VIPs and emergency vehicles. Persons will be allowed to park on Vlissengen Road, between Homestretch and Hadfield, also on the northern side of Hadfield Streets.

Brutus said heightened security will also be placed in the Wortmanville and Lodge areas.

It is estimated that over 250 ranks will be utilised for the Independence activities.

Director of National Events, Lt. Col Godfrey Bess


One of the other concerns concerning the hosting of the Independence flag raising ceremony at Durban Park, Homestretch Avenue last year, is the implications of the fireworks on animals housed at the nearby Zoo.

However, Director of National Events, Lt. Col Godfrey Bess said the fireworks will once again be done in the vicinity of Durban Park.

Col. Bess said “contrary to what was said earlier; I must say there will be fireworks on the night of the 25th and it will be in the vicinity of Durban Park. We have considered the issue of disturbance to the animals, and we have put in place measures to counter that.”

When approached by News Room to outline the list of measures that will be put in place, however, Colonel Bess says those were not immediately available and will be provided at a later date.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure today (Monday, May 15, 2017) began preparing the Durban Park for the event.

Additionally, there is a list of activities that will be hosted by the Ministries of Agriculture, Communities and the Department of Housing leading up to the 26th of May.

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