13-year-old arrested for sodomizing 10 year old boy


A New Amsterdam teen is presently in police custody after it was alleged that he raped his 10-year-old male neighbour between Friday (May 12, 2017), and Sunday, (May 14, 2017).

News Room understands that the incident took place at the suspect’s home where the 10-year-old would usually spend time while his father is at work.

According to a police source, the 10-year-old male resides with his father who sometimes works at nights. During those nights, he is left with the suspect’s mother.

However, the woman had to depart for work and it was then that the 13-year-old committed the act.

It was yesterday (Monday, May 15, 2017) that the 10 year old related what transpired to his father who immediately called the police. He was then escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was examined by a doctor who confirmed that he was indeed raped.

Moments later, the 13-year-old was arrested.

At a forum in November 2016, Director of Public Prosecutions (DDP), Shalimar Ali-Hack says there has been an increase in sexual offences being committed against children.

At the interactive session with the media, she outlined that in cases of rape where two minors are involved, there is the “close-in-age defence” which when it arises, the perpetrator is not charged.

However, according to the Sexual Offences Act, the “Close in age defence” can be used if the complainant is 12-14 years old and the accused is less than two years older than the complainant; or if the complainant is 14-16 years old and the accused is less than four years older than the complainant.

In this case, the complainant is only 10 years old, while the accused is also not less than two years older.

Investigations are ongoing.

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