Coalition is “masterpiece of incompetence” – Jagdeo


Having completed two years in office, the APNU+AFC Coalition Government has outlined a number of things it would have achieved.

In a full-page advertisement published in the print media, the Government listed 125 achievements it would have made over the past two years. Among the achievements are the lowering the Berbice Bridge tolls, a cleaner city, holding of Local Government Elections and improving accountability and transparency. It also listed the restoration of press freedom, the controversial COI to deal with land titles, the rehabilitation of roads and the distribution of laptops to teachers as achievements.

At a Press conference on Monday (May 15, 2017), Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo noted that the Government has failed to deliver on its promises.

“If I had to candidly characterise this government, I’d say that it has been a “masterpiece of incompetence”, that we have a cabinet that is constantly in a mess; confusion and disarray characterise most of their actions. In fact, many of the things they say and do are often contradictory to their stated objectives,” he told media operatives.

He noted that there has been an attack on the Judiciary and discrimination against certain sections of society, whilst the government continues to hide under slogans of good governance.

He alluded to the decline in several sectors of the economy over the past two years, noting that “many people loose their jobs in this period; Barama, many in the retail trade, the Amerindians, many in the government. We estimate almost 10,000 people have already lost their jobs and with another 10,000 once the reforms go through in the sugar industry and other sectors, once the full impact of the tax measures kick in.”

Jagdeo is of the view that the Government is looking at ways to hide its incompetence by claiming sabotage from the Opposition, but remains clueless about the direction in which the country is going.

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