Efforts intensify to aid Region Eight flood affected residents


(GINA) The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs have intensified efforts to assist flood-affected residents in Region Eight.

Retired Colonel and Director General of CDC, Chabilall Ramsarup explained that an oversight assessment of the affected communities- Kaibarupai, Waipa, Sandhill and Chenapou was conducted yesterday (Thursday, May 18, 2017).

It was discovered that the situation is severe to the extent that it is impossible to travel on the land. Therefore, alternative measures are being put in place to provide immediate relief to the affected communities, Ramsarup said.

“The plan we have is to establish a Forward Operation Base at Orinduik. We’ll use the Orinduik airstrip to fly in supplies for Kaibarupai, Waipa, Sandhill. We have two flights tomorrow from Kaieteur or Orinduik airstrip we’re moving the supplies by boats which is being organised by the regional chairman to the three locations,” Ramsarup explained.

Colonel Ramsarup told GINA that the CDC is aiming to have two boatloads of supplies into the region by tomorrow (Saturday, May 20, 2017). Supplies will be continuously sent until all those affected have been supplied with seven days of ration.

Meanwhile, one aircraft departed Mahdia for Chenapou today (Friday, May 19, 2017), to take in immediate supplies. Two additional flights will be scheduled to send in more supplies in Chenapou.

Colonel Ramsarup pointed out that reports reaching the CDC indicate that there will be immediate need for food, water and sanitation supplies, medical resources and bedding and clothing in the impacted communities.

To this end, apart from ration, the residents will benefit from “tents for washed away homes, blankets, sleeping bags, water purification tablets, because it is difficult to fly in bottled water. Also, we’re sending in plastic jerry cans so when they put the drug into the water it can last.” Doctors will also be travelling in to the area to treat the affected residents.

The reports reaching the CDC office last night revealed that Kaibarupai Village is inundated at an approximate depth of 10 feet. Two houses have been washed away and the health post, church and cemetery are all under water.

At Sand Hill Settlement, the village’s inundation is at an approximate depth of 25 feet. A total of 25 houses were washed away. Additionally, 10 houses are under water.

At Waipa 95 percent of the village is flooded. The water depth is estimated to be between the ranges of five to 15 feet.

In Chenapou it was noted that not the entire village was affected by the flood. The Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region Eight, Gavin Gounga, informed the CDC that the Toshao of Chenapou reported that 15 houses are under water.

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