1,814 grams of cannabis seized from Barima steamer


Investigations are ongoing into the discovery of a quantity of cannabis discovered in the Barima steamer arrived at Port Kaituma, North West District at about 12:30 hours on Friday (May 19, 2017).

The steamer which was captained by 28-year-old Steffon Ross of 41 Back Street, Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara (E.B.D.) was searched by a party of policemen on its arrival at Port Kaituma.

According to information received, two Trisco biscuit boxes containing biscuits and wrapped black plastic and transparent plastic, respectively, containing seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis were found in the manhole situated at the bow.

The employees of the boat were questioned by the ranks and it was revealed that a sailor of lot 1 Melville Wakenaam Island, 35-year-old Jermaine Black was seen placing same in the said manhole.

He was questioned and admitted to placing the two boxes in the manhole. He further told ranks that he received same from an identifiable male of African descent at the wharf. The items he said, were meant to be transported to someone at Port Kaituma .

Mr. Black was arrested and escorted to the Port Kaituma Police Station where the suspected cannabis was weighed and it amounted to 1,814 grams.

The exhibits were marked and lodged to be taken to the analysis for examination, even as he remains in custody.

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