Leguan Plantain Chip Factory to be operational by July


By Devina Samaroo

Exciting employment opportunities are ahead for residents of Leguan as government gears up to officially open the plantain chips factory by the end of June.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Business, Rajdai Jagarnauth

This disclosure was made by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Business, Rajdai Jagarnauth during Monday’s session (May 22, 2017) of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The factory was completed several months ago, however, it is yet to be operationalised.

Jagarnauth explained that the ministry is currently in the process of identifying suitable managerial staff to get the factory up and running.

She noted that expressions of interest were advertised and the ministry received three responses, however, only one person provided a business proposal.

Jagarnauth said the ministry is currently evaluating that proposal.

The establishment of a plantain chips factory on the island was touted as a move to push the local manufacturing sector by the former Government.

The size of the property is 8625 square feet and includes machines such as slicing processors, blanching, dewatering, frying, de-oiling, seasoning and packaging equipment.

This project falls under the previous Administration’s Rural Enterprise Development programme which commenced back in 2014.

The development of a call centre in Enmore was another aspect of this programme but there are some delays with its completion. The project which should have been completed since April 2017, is still ongoing.

“Works are still ongoing in terms of the external (facilities) like the fence, bridges and the compound. There were (some works) internally that had to be corrected due to vandalism,” she explained.

She said the contractor has requested an extension for the project, however, there is no fixed deadline.

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