Albouystown Health Centre reopening tomorrow


By Devina Samaroo

Following renovation valuing $15M, the Albouystown Health Centre will be reopened tomorrow, (Wednesday, May 24, 2017).

The centre was closed for renovation approximately one year ago following complaints that it was turned into a ‘sex spot’.

The improved facility is also expected to offer added services to the community including HIV testing.

Chief Health Visitor, Medex, Beres Springer had told the Newsroom that the new health centre should cater for those persons who suffer from chronic illnesses and childhood diseases, as well as cervical cancer screening through the use of VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid).

“We’ll be doing dressings and minor suturing…we’ll have a pharmacy at the Health centre and we also want to do the VCT which the Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV on a daily basis” she had stated.

Regarding the beneficiaries of the services, Medex Springer says the aim is to care for the very young and the not so young.

According to Medex Springer, these new and added services are being made possible through the City’s collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health that is providing the additional doctors, medication for the pharmacy and other key staff.

The goal she says is to ease the burden at the Georgetown Hospital by offering through the provision to primary level services.


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