Digicel Guyana joins in assisting flood victims; GDF engineers, GWI technical staff deployed


Digicel Guyana today (Wednesday, May 24, 2017), handed over a quantity of flood relief supplies to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), to assist residents in Regions Seven and Eight.

The donation consists of a quantity of food items from the requested list and cleaning supplies. “

We empathise with those residents who have lost their livelihood and have been displaced, we hope that these items bring some sort of relief where it is needed most. We are confident that this donation will reach the residents who are in need and that our efforts and that of corporate Guyana will get to the areas that are hard hit by the recent flash flooding” noted Digicel’s Vidya Sanichara.

Ms. Laura George, Governance and Rights Coordinator and several staff members of the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) are working with the CDC in coordinating relief efforts to ensure that this donation makes it way to the affected residents.

Ms. George mentioned that it is imperative that persons keep up their support and was very thankful for Digicel’s donation. “Every little bit matters, you may not be able to give in the magnitude that Digicel did today but whatever you can offer will be appreciated,” said George. Areas that are likely to benefit from Digicel’s donation are Jawalla, Kamarang, Kako, Paruima and Philipai.

Acting Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Major Kester Craig

According to the CDC, over 3000 residents are affected by the flood.

The body on Tuesday noted that two engineers from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) as well as technical staff from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) have been deployed by the Government to the villages of Itabac and Kanapang in Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight) to conduct an assessment of the damaged roads and buildings and to facilitate water quality testing and set up purification systems, with a view to determining the long-term response that will be required from the State.  Additionally, a reinforcement team of doctors and other representatives of the Ministry of Public Health were dispatched to the region.

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